Travel; Denver

Suddenly I am in Denver looking at art with my friend Susan Donatucci. We met at an artists residency in Vermont. Working artist friends scattered across the world is one of the great benefits of residencies. She got me at the airport and took me straight off to see the galleries.





Those are pictures of Gary Kormarin work at Robischon Gallery, Denver. It’s a rich, intelligent exhibit with groups of works by Manuel Neri, Robert Motherwell and Frank Lobdell…and more. I appreciate the combination of aesthetic coherence and scholarly or historical insights.
That’s Susan’ finger pointing to spackle on the Komarin. There was a comment in the description

combining the saturated color of spackle-laced housepaint …

so we had to find the spackle.



I am staying at The Holiday Chalet which is filled with idealized Victorian space facing urban cinderblock life which makes me love being out in the world looking. I am a few blocks from Chessman Park so I can run and the BnB is filled with unexpected BnB folks living unexpected lives. My favorite quote if the day was from Cindy, over breakfast, “yeah, I just run full-speed headlong through life and slide right into the grave.” Indeed. I am off into the day to do just that.


Started the day at the Denver Art Museum.