20120216-013846.jpgThis blog will focus on making art, teaching and looking at art and other topics of interest. My name is Katina Huston. I am a visual artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay area. I teach art at the graduate level at an art school. My day to day life is focused on studio work, thinking about what is worth making and making it.  I earn my living from the sale of art so I travel a fair amount looking at art in galleries and museums, talking to people and managing the business of being an artist. All the making and thinking, photographing, curating, writing, and talking that goes with putting together exhibitions and getting the art on the wall or in the homes/offices/galleries will be the focus of this blog. The work above is a studio shot of one of my drawings. I make large drawings (the one above is about eight feet high) of shadows in ink on mylar. The work above is in progress and shows the shadow of a skeleton with shadows of some flowers intervening. This work, the whole group of works is in progress so you’ll see more of how it takes shape.