Museums in North Carolina

by katinahuston

Why is this Pomodoro different from other Pomodoros? Well, it isn’t really, maybe a little bigger. Charlotte is a town that cares about it’s public life and public spaces. Plenty of plazas and parks filled with art.

This is the Mint Museum Uptown. There are three brand new museums within a block of here plus theatre etc. This museum focuses on craft and design.

Many of the paintings seem to have come from period local collections. This is a George Bellows. Weirdly, in North Carolina they include the artist’s middle name so I get confused. Who the hell is George Wesley Bellows?

Below is a detail from a gigantic Kahinde Wiley. It is really flat, handless, painting in the detail but the massive portrait of cool African American youth overlaid with elegant European decorative motif becomes an important monument here offering the grand respect European royalty receives in other nearby portraits.

This was an unexpected treat by a European sculptor I had not seen before; a pine tree, sans needles, decorated with clear glass balls filled with…pine needles, presented on an unfinished pine platform.20120329-141019.jpg
The happiest Motherwell I have ever seen. The abundance of art here is great but there seems to be an unusual requirement for pleasantness. Not a disturbing stroke to be found.20120329-141033.jpg
In this relatively small museum they found room for three in depth special exhibits. All take elements of art history and add a family twist. Here, Yves Tanguy is side by side with his wife, Kay Sage. In another, local Surrealist is examined through the works he sent to his sister. Sweet but I kind of want to be offended by modern art.
Plenty of ceramic around. Here’s a grand Jun Kaneko in the lobby. I was amused to see that Allan Chasanoff’s ceramic collection landed here. I was his studio assistant after college as he was piling them up. It is intriguing to follow works from gallery to collector to museum. Some museums are filled with works so newly minted that I sort of feel the pricetag on the back. Maybe that’s just me getting old and remembering the works on gallery walls before they settled into higher digs.