by katinahuston

I am co-teaching a course in the graduate program at California College of the Arts in experimental making; mixing techniques from visual arts and writing (notably poetry). It is my plan to track the progress of the class and offer homework assignments with pictures of my efforts to fulfill those assignments. The class is just turning the corner on the third week. I think I can catch you up retroactively.
The assignment visited this week was to write a poem with no form and no meaning, created by Joseph Lease (poet). The students arrived at some beautiful solutions. I would like to learn more of how they did what they did. I’ll ask next week.
I decided to collage Artforum articles.  It was my hope to circumvent meaning by selecting other people’s words. The structure of 3-d making releases poetic structure, or so I hoped. You decide. The pictures above provide an example. Side one is from a book review about Derrida and Robinson Crusoe by way of Heidegger. All that in the first sentence. I was so apalled by the topic I had to tear it to bits. Do I prefer nonsense to the ‘complicity of the beast and sovereign’? Yes I do. 
One unexpected benefit; who knew a poem could have a ‘B’ side? That I like. A reverse side poem as by product. I made a half dozen others, a word poem of names from an international exhibit. A nest of cliches from the California Driver’s Handbook.