Life and Death, or my current work

by katinahuston

Here’s an image of one of the drawings I have been making since August. I learned yesterday that I have to return my skeleton to the university for inventory. I may be able to borrow it again. Still, it is a temporary setback. For me these drawings, comprised of a skeleton shadow overrun with too bright flower shadows interrupted by wallpaper swatches, speak of the relationship between the living to the past. Maybe it’s like the caustic sound of laughter the day after your father dies. Or maybe it’s about how in the brightness of every day there’s a bit of mouldering past  underfoot. I’ll make another 50 and figure it out.

Here is my most recent addition to this new body of work. Cynically, it is titled “Christina’s World” from Andrew Wyeth’s most famous painting of the girl pulling herself up the midwestern hillside. I think she had polio, all I am sure of is that she was unable to walk and the image showed the breadth and limits of her world. Why does this work fit that title? There was something about the diagonal shadow of a skeleton and the way the striped wallpaper bounds, and in so doing, makes the edges of the weeds and the figure tangible.

Christina's World